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Silviu-Vasile Bodea
Ph.D. Student, Life Sicence and technology

Silviu is interested in combining optical methods with non-invasive modalities such as MRI and optoacoustic tomography to study distributed cerebral states.

Alex Berezin
Ph.D. Student, Chemistry

Alex is interested in advancing Electron

Microscopy methods with molecular information.

Stefanie Winkler
Research Technician &
Graphic Designer

Stephanie is mainly involved in our Electron microscopy experiments and in graphic designs related to our work.

Dong-Jiunn Jeffery Truong
Postdoctoral Fellow

Jeff has a background in synthetic biology and has been a long-term advisor to the Munich iGEM teams. Jeff is focused on genetic and protein engineering of molecular reporter systems.

Felix Sigmund
Postdoctoral Fellow

Felix is interested in developing genetically encoded tools to enable non-invasive molecular imaging and control techniques


Mariia has a background in chemistry and biophysics and is interested in the synthesis and characterization of biomagnetic nanostructures with a wide range of analytical techniques.

Mariia Efremova
Postdoctoral Fellow
Gil Westmeyer
Prof. of Neurobiological Engineering

Gil is interested in the intersection of biological engineering and biomedicine with a particular focus on neuroimaging.

Anja Ammer
Lab Manager
& Research technician

Anja takes care of the various logistics of

the laboratory and contributes to

many experiments.

Alberto Piovesan
Ph.D. Student, Chemistry

Alberto is focused on de novo design of proteinaceous nanostructures as high--resolution reporters and sensors. 

Niklas Armbrust
Ph.D. Student, Chemistry

Niklas is working on alternative genetic reporter methods to non-invasively read out cellular states. 

We are looking for highly motivated scientists to join our team!

If you are interested in working with us, please write an email

describing your research interests & accomplishments

to Prof. Westmeyer.


We are a long-term supporter of the Munich iGEM teams and hope to support a "non-virtual" team again soon.


Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow in Ed Boyden's

laboratory at MIT.

Dr. Panagiotis Symvoulidis

Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently: Lead biologist @Zebrafish Lab

Genetics & Rare Diseases Research Division  

Bambino Gesu' Children's Research Hospital

Dr. Antonella Lauri

Postdoctoral Fellow

Roche ​  

Dr. Giorgio Pariani

Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Michele Cappetta

Graduate Student

Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Yuanyuan Jiang

Graduate Student

Research associate at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NYC, USA, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

Dr. Sheryl Roberts

Graduate Student

 EarlyBird, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Christoph Massner

Graduate Student

Senior Editor @ Nature Communications

Dr. Ahne Myklatun

Undergraduate Alumni

Susanne Pettinger

Master's student

Neha Lal Koonakampully

Master's student

Christoph Gruber

Master's student

Deniz Tümen

Master's student

Martin Zirngibl

Bachelor's student

Eva Beck

Bachelor's student

Luisa Krumwiede

Bachelor's student

Enikö Baligács

Bachelor's student

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